Welcome to Bluesheet.org. Usually closely (but not automatically) synced at the Facebook page Bluesheet.org. Conscientious grassroots conservatives can find voting information here. These recommendations are made by several grassroots volunteers--no money transfer of any sort with campaigns was involved. We funded the minimal cost of providing this website, along with volunteering the time involved to research the races. We research the candidates thoroughly but did not agree on all picks, as there are several races where the GOP is blessed with two or more good candidates. We also do not expect you to agree with us on every race. We trust GOP voters to decide for themselves.  


(Composite Multiple Endorser Matrix Download here.)



President of the United States

Ted Cruz!

United States Representative, District 8

Steve Toth

Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 3

Mike Massengale

Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 5

RICK Green

Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 9

Eva Guzman

Railroad Commissioner

Wes Martinez

Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 2

Ray Wheless

Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 5

Brent Webster

Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 6

Michael Keasler

State Rep House Dist 150

Valoree Swanson

14th Court of Appeals Dist Pl 2

Kevin Jewell

80th Judicial District Court

Ken Shortreed

125th Judicial District Court

L.A. Olson or Sharon Hemphill

151st Judicial District Court

Jeff Hastings

178th Judicial District Court

Xavier Alfaro

339th Judicial District Court

Mary McFaden

Harris County Civil Court at Law 1

Clyde Leuchtag

Harris County Attorney

Chris Carmona

Harris County Sheriff

Ron Hickman

Harris Co Tax Assessor Collector

Mike Sullivan

Harris Co School Trustee Pos 2 Prec 4

Eric Dick

Harris Co Justice of the Peace Prec 4 Pl 1

Lincoln Goodwin

Harris County Constable Prec 4

Mark Herman

Harris County GOP Chairman

Paul Simpson

Prop 1 – Property tax abolishment and taxpayer approval for any increases


Prop 2 - Texas cities must obey immigration laws (no sanctuary cities)


Prop 3 – Stop Texas governments from collecting dues for labor unions through automatic paycheck deductions


Prop 4 – Texas should strongly assert its 10th Amendment Rights under the Constitution


* State Republican Executive Committee  

More details coming soon. 
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List of day of election locations (may change at this writing) located here.

A sample ballot tailored to your precinct can be found at www.harrisvotes.com.


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